Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mud Mafia Newsletter: June 2012

A new month, a new newsletter.  Check it out: http://eepurl.com/mUW0L

There is a new Mud Mafia Storefront, some great race reports, some interesting training meet-ups and some great discounts for upcoming rad races.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Family Speaks!

We had an epic weekend of racing and many of our family were out reppin on their respective courses. Here’s a couple reports!

Wildcat aka Jeff Cain took on the inaugural Kentucky Stampede and took hope the TOP SPOT! Read his story HERE.

Cain’s blog was, “Originally about preparation for my entry into the Spartan Beast Race, but I have continued it and it has morphed into an overall obstacle race training sort of blog. My goal now is for this blog to serve as motivation/inspiration and a point of information for anyone interested in trying out this emerging sport. The original description of the blog is below .If you want to read about what goes on inside the mind of a semi-deranged health/fitness nut who may have bitten off more than he can chew, then this is the blog for you. Otherwise, you should stop reading and visit a different website. I suggest Kentucky Sports Radio.”

Check out his story and bookmark his blog – it’s one to read!

This weekend the lovely and talented T-Rex aka Aja Varnay was running last weekend with some friends at the Hoppin Mad Mud Run and wrote about not only her CF experience with Power Helen but her race as well. Varnay always hits it out of the park with her posts. Read it HERE.

Aja's blog is dedicated to her racing and training as she seeks out a healthy life with humor and dedication.  Definitely one to bookmark!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome Wagon: Amelia Boone

Amelia_BooneAmelia Boone aka Heinz (her love of ketchup is one for the ages) recently joined our family and she is quite the non-traditional athlete!  She also has a super rad blog that you have to follow if you don’t already.  She recently wrote a post about a recent S.E.R.E. Challenge in Downtown Chicago where she came home with top team and a KA-Bar for her troubles. Read it HERE.

She is taking on the Civilian Military Combine this weekend in Camelback, PA and will be on hand for the Spartan Death Race, June 15th in Vermont. 

She was also featured on Carrie Adams’ blog – Leaving a Path last month that talked about her Winter Death Race experience where she took home third place.  Check that post out HERE.  That finish earned her a fake skull.  She also has a 25# Kettlebell hanging around as a finisher trophy as well. 

She is certainly collecting some interesting race schwag… she’ll fit right in.  Welcome to the family, Amelia. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GRC Class 155: Des Moines, IA

by Carrie Adams

Originally posted at www.leavingapath.com

Loud rain drops splashed against my windshield with no sign of letting up and the wind howled against my door defiantly.  I sighed out loud thinking of my warm bed nearly two and a half hours away and the two little girls, my daughters, who were undoubtedly sleeping there peacefully.  For the first and last time, I longed to be with them there.  “Don’t think about that right now!” I scolded myself.  That kind of thinking would be debilitating and I couldn’t afford to start off with negativity.  My girls were with me, in spirit, their picture protected by a zip lock bag taped to the four required bricks weighing 24 pounds that I would carry with me for the next several hours.  I carried them for 18 months, what’s 12 – 14 hours? 

Mud Mafia Speaks!

What is the family been up to?  Here are a few blog posts in their own words!

Aja recently finished her first EVER Spartan Racehttp://www.whatabeautifulwreck.com/2012/05/know-from-whence-you-came-if-you-know.html

Brett knocked out a CMC event out in Bryce Resort, VA that featured a pretty rad concept – a PIT and mountain obstacle run.  He killed it, of course!

Jason Jaksetic is gearing up for his Peak ultra this weekend – can’t wait to hear how it goes – his blog - http://jasonjaksetic.blogspot.com/ is one you definitely want to follow.