Monday, October 25, 2010

The Mud Mafia is born!

With the help and encouragement of some creative, talented, and active friends of mine I am excited to announce the official launching of a new Omaha-based racing team: The Mud Mafia.  Our first team race is the Beer and Bagel Run November 7th in Ashland, NE. 

The Mud Mafia is a team committed to staying active, racing local and regional events at all competitive levels and distances, and ultimately having FUN.  Running is an individual sport but the Mud Mafia wants to encourage a group well-being focus and a fun atmosphere in the local racing scene.  No one has to join the Mafia permanently or commit to a set number of events, but rather, runners can come to events, and wear the team brand and be a part of the experience.  For each completed race, team members earn a bullet hole to add to your shirt.  Five bullet holes earns you a pistol.  Team gear is getting printed shortly! 

There is so much more to come!  Stay tuned to the MM’s blog for more details, pictures, and updates!  NOVEMBER 7TH!  Hit me up if you want to race! 

You can email me with questions too!

Carrie Adams

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