Saturday, November 13, 2010


Every good athlete has a handle, a nickname... something that distinguishes them from the pack.  Our Family takes care of each other, but as individual runners earning bullet holes, everyone gets a nickname on their shirt.  As our team grows, the significance and importance of the nicknames is becoming even more clear!  People are becoming very thoughtful about what they want to put on their shirts!  It's really a fun time coming up with the names!  Here is a sound off of The Mud Mafia team so far!  We are growing EVERY DAY!
1. Carrie aka Aviator
2. Trish aka Broadway
3. Melissa aka MELF
4. Kendall aka Kenny
5. Tony aka The Wrong Guy
6. Chris aka Meat
7. Jaimie aka G-Fab
8. Jim aka Jimmy
9. Dave aka Run DMC
10. Melissa aka Rice Rice Baby
11. Trista aka Triskit
12. Doug aka Radar
13. Jenny aka Baby Maker
14. Nick Liston aka Mookie
15. Dan aka Mad Hatter
16. Alyssa aka Cupcake
17. Jason aka Jayswizzle
Family Members Pending nicknames...
18. Carla
19. Katie
20. Ann
21. Kristina
22. Tom
23. Dave
Official MM Supporters:
24. Taylor aka Taylor Tot
25. Caitlyn aka Roo

Email ME if you want to find out how you can join The Family!

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