Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spartan Race in Texas!

Living History Farms
We are called, after all, THE MUD MAFIA.  We seek out new adventures across the country to compete and have fun.  We trail run, we hike, we backpack and we tri. We marathon, we 50K, we half marathon, we race skyscrapers... we do it all.  Our team stretches from California to Connecticut with runners in Canada and Germany... we are international.  We are everywhere there is a challenge and this spring is no different. 

Forever seeking out new challenges, we think we have found a good one.  So, the Family is heading South for the Winter.  We'll be running in the Spartan Race in Texas. 

The race is unique.  That's code for "challenging as hell" and we can't wait to get ourselves in the mix. 

We've done mud before, but I have a feeling, we haven't done mud like this. Their website claims, "Why Spartan? Because the Spartans were tough as nails. Why Race? Because we all thrive under pressure, survival of the fittest. Our goal is get you off your couch, throw you in the mud, and feed you one crazy day that will be the adrenalin rush of your life."  So, to the Spartan Race, the Family coming to see you in Texas and we are going to hold you to that statement.  Bring it.  We can't wait to meet you. 

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