Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm a Peacock!

“I’m a Peacock, you gotta let me fly!”
He didn’t know it when he watched the movie and laughed at the now infamous line, but what Vince Lamartina and his friends were looking for to stay together after college and have some fun would find its voice and it’s spirit in “The Other Guys” quote starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. 
Vince Lamartina
I met Vince on a whim while searching for running clubs in New York.  I was intrigued by their team name – Team Peacock so I sent them an email and started corresponding with Vince, one of the group’s founders and following them on Twitter.  He’s a genuine guy who loves running, has a great group of friends, and a dedication to running that’s very Mud Mafia style! 

When he’s not acting as a legislative assistant to a state delegate in Baltimore, Vince and his feathery friends are training for their ultimate goal of running a marathon – TOGETHER.  They decided on a destination – Las Vegas – but busy schedules have made it a challenge for this year or next year to be feasible so they have their sights set on Las Vegas in 2013!  Between now and then they plan on doing events as individual and a team when they can!

Started back in January of 2011, Vice and five friends realized that staying connected after college would require something that they could do individually but could also come together collectively for support, accountability, and fun.  They ran their first race – the Disney 5K earlier this year.  Right now the runners are at different abilities but the goal is to do the chosen marathon together so no one will enter one until they all can enter one and finish together. 

Team Peacock

They are all different, their training is done primarily alone but they make time to talk about training and ultimately hold each other accountable to their goals.  They are new to the running game and that makes them underdogs.  Vince says, “As a team, we all look at ourselves as underdogs.  Even though we are underdogs we believe we can come out on top.  No one expects us to do great things and we like that.”
They also find inspiration in Mo Farah Britain's number One distance athlete who specializse in 5000m and is ranked number 1 in the UK for 1500m, 3000m and 10K road.  The group was even able to interview him recently and keep in touch on a regular basis. 
Team Peacock will be one of the running clubs the Mud Mafia stays in touch with and includes in our virtual running program.  In fact, I am going to try to get out to New York for the Spartan Race in June to run with Vince and some fellow Peacockers!  I look forward to it!
I had to ask Vince about Clock Blocking since he’s a new runner, and in a recent race, The Port to the Fort, he recounted how he spent the first mile racing so much energy weaving in and out of traffic.  Ever the optimist, he did say it was a great race and a PR for him but he had to laugh, “It’s funny, until you mentioned it, it’s so true that it does happen!  People don’t realize how much energy you waste! “    
Like he said, “I’m a Peacock, you gotta let me fly.”  No clock blocking here please.  Peacock crossing. 

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