itunes picIn one of the more emotional podcasts we have done to date, Jim Collison (Mud Mafia member and resident Average Guy Podcaster) and Carrie Adams, (Mud Mafia founder) catch up with Jason Phipps, (Newest Mud Mafia member).  The podcast focuses on Jason's fitness story.  Jason was a 2 pack smoker on December 11, 2010.  On December 12th, he quit and signed up to run a marathon!  Carrie and Jim spend the next hour listening to a very inspiring story from a very determined guy.  Carrie highlighted his story briefly in a blog post "Labels" earlier this week. 

On May 1st, Jason will run is first marathon, ever!  We talk about how he got started, what kind of program he used, how he incorporated technology to help and who helped get him there.  It’s a must listen to anyone struggling to get started.

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