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Spartan Radio 18: The Good Life

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Hosts: Carrie “Shawty” Adams, Maurya “MScan” Scanlon, Todd Sedlak  Producer: Jim “The Average Guy” Collison


Spartan Radio at was LIVE again Tuesday, October 25th at 10/9 PM CST! In the tradition of Spartan Radio (well as of lately) we had Todd on site doing something awesome.  Tonight, he ran on the treadmill for the duration of the hour finishing over 9 miles in the 60 minutes.  Most notably, (to Shawty anyway) were the clip_image004socks he wore for the duration.  Additionally, Maurya did about 1,000 burpees… well not that many but it was badass. 

Todd will be joining Spartan Radio full time and we’ll be giving him weekly challenges… think Jackass meets Spartan Race… stay tuned!

Getting down to business Spartan has two remaining races in the season, Malibu – November 19th. Registration goes up November 2nd - $70.  November 16th - $75.  Savings alert! Armed forces and students receive a $10 discount at the end of registration! In Malibu, a hotel deal is expiring soon.  SHERATON HILLS HOTEL. 30100 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91301.  800-325-3535  There is a discounted rate of only $85 per night at a luxury hotel offering FREE shuttle service to the race (saving an additional $10 in parking fees). Also, the competitive Heat moved up to 8  and 8:30 AM due to waves selling out and sun going down earlier in the day. Hurricane Heat will kick off early Saturday morning! Email tom@spartanrace with questions or to get in on the action.DSC_7381

Everything is bigger in Texas, even Spartan Racing! December 3rd we invade Glen Rose for our LAST race of 2011. A Super Spartan featuring a Friday night Hurricane Heat and Cash Prize Heat: $10,000 for top male and $10,000 top female! Didn’t qualify to run for the cash? We have a solution! Spartan Race has opened a Wild Card so you can get your shot at the big bucks! Get your name in the running HERE. Registration goes up November 16th - $125.  November 30th it closes - $140.

We’ll also have some new friends joining us in Texas. As announced last week, Spartan Race and GORUCK Challenge are teaming up in Texas to bring you the Spartan Race GORUCK Experience! Good livin’! Spartan Radio welcomed a few VERY special guests to talk about it!

From the GORUCK organization we had Jason McCarthy, GORUCK founder, Brian Richardson the Lead Cadre for the GORUCK CHALLENGE event series. Finally, we welcomed Phillip Topalian, all around badass and Spartan Race finisher (Beast, VT; Super, SI), Hurricane Heater Staten Island Class of 2011 and a regular in the GORUCK Challenge Series.

Jason and Brian talk all things GORUCK! Jason joined the Army and earned his Green Beret after 9/11 in order to make a difference. (And the paid trips sounded alright, too.) Always inspired by the three rules of Special Forces: (1) Always look cool (2) Never get lost (3) If you get lost, look cool – and recognizing that most gear on the market broke rule number 1 – he founded GORUCK and later the GORUCK Challenge. He is currently either leading a Challenge or drinking beer at a Ruckoff with his chocolate lab, Java.

Jason and Brian met while going through the Special Forces Qualification Course. They only met briefly, but later reunited when they served on the same SF team. Jason was an 18 Echo (Special Forces Communications Sergeant) and Brian was an 18 Delta (Special Forces Medical Sergeant).

Inspired by the most elite training offered to Special Forces soldiers and led by Green Berets, the GORUCK Challenge is a team event and never a race. Challenge cadre build each class into a team through collective conditions of mental and physical exhaustion. Challenge takers all wear GORUCK backpacks throughout the Challenge.  
GRC is proud to support the Green Beret Foundation, an organization committed to providing unconventional resources to facilitate the special needs of our wounded, ill and injured Special Forces soldiers and their families. $10 of every GORUCK Challenge registration goes to supporting the Green Beret Foundation.

What does that mean for Spartan Race?


The Super Spartan in Glen Rose Texas will feature a joint effort with the GORUCK Challenge!  GORUCK Tough members are entitled to 20% off the Spartan Race and FREE entry into our Friday evening Hurricane Heat. The Hurricane Heat is where Spartan Death Race meets obstacle race. Participants get a chance to run with Spartan Founders and staffers (Awww snap! Shawty will be there… with a bullhorn) as well as GORUCK Challenge Cadre (aka Special Forces guys) in a unique and memorable way.  Beginning Friday evening, December 2nd you will be taken through mental and physical challenges in teams with a goal of just finishing the obstacles and tasks issued by the Spartan team. No chips, no clock, just a “fun” run Spartan Style that represents what our athletes are all about getting up when you’re knocked down and finishing what you start. We are confident that you will get in some of that GORUCK good livin’ along the way.

315399_10150296511606861_251061411860_8447444_1887746876_nMeet time and location as well as mandatory gear will be communicated prior to the event in an email from Spartan Race staff. Successful finishers earn a finisher medal, a Hurricane Heaters badge, entry into a closed networking group, a discount on rad Spartan gear, a limited edition Hurricane Heat Finisher t-shirt, and the experience of a lifetime while earning your title Hurricane Heater, Glen Rose class of 2011.

GORUCK Challenge Cadre are also spearheading a Ruckoff after the HH at a campsite TBD, open to all.  Everyone will be telling tales and prepping for the Spartan Race the next day.

On Saturday, December 3rd the final heat of the day will be a special GORUCK heat where entrants will be running with Team GORUCK in the 8+ miles of mud and mayhem in this inaugural joint experience with Spartan and GORUCK Challenge. Email to get registered for the Experience! Additional experiences will be scheduled for 2012!

Speaking of 2012… do you have your 2012 Season Pass yet? Get it HERE.
Upcoming Spartan Races:

SR_ICON_LOGO_186Malibu, CA – Spartan Sprint, November 19, 2011.

Glen Rose, TX – Super Spartan Season Finale, December 3, 2011.

SoCal – Super Spartan January 28, 2012.

Arizona – Super Spartan, February 11, 2012.

Miami – Super Spartan, February 25, 2012.


Texas: November 12 at 1:00 AM: Fort Worth, TX
November 26 at 1:00 AM: Austin, TX
December 17 at 1:00 AM: Dallas, TX

November 19 at 1:00 AM and 10:00 PM: Tampa, FL
November 26 at 1:00 AM and 10:00 PM: Jacksonville, FL
January 7 at 1:00 AM and 10:00 PM: Key West, FL
Visit http://www.goruckchallenge.comfor the full schedule.
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