Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome Wagon: Amelia Boone

Amelia_BooneAmelia Boone aka Heinz (her love of ketchup is one for the ages) recently joined our family and she is quite the non-traditional athlete!  She also has a super rad blog that you have to follow if you don’t already.  She recently wrote a post about a recent S.E.R.E. Challenge in Downtown Chicago where she came home with top team and a KA-Bar for her troubles. Read it HERE.

She is taking on the Civilian Military Combine this weekend in Camelback, PA and will be on hand for the Spartan Death Race, June 15th in Vermont. 

She was also featured on Carrie Adams’ blog – Leaving a Path last month that talked about her Winter Death Race experience where she took home third place.  Check that post out HERE.  That finish earned her a fake skull.  She also has a 25# Kettlebell hanging around as a finisher trophy as well. 

She is certainly collecting some interesting race schwag… she’ll fit right in.  Welcome to the family, Amelia. 

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