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The Mud Mafia was started with a group of of hard-working, genuine people, who are constantly looking for new ways to bring the joy of racing and collaboration to the endurance community.  Our commitment to excellence and to each other is demonstrated in our networking, our training, and on race day when we come together. Everyone has different abilities, but we are all here for each other and strive to pursue our own personal goals each time we race.  That being said, we're also pretty cool peeps who can throw down! 

Meet the Don: (yes, our Founder is doing jazz hands)
Carrie Adams aka Aviator 
The MM Don, Carrie Adams
Carrie began The Mud Mafia in October 2010 after recruiting some friends to join her at a local event.  Earning her International Business Degree and subsequently her M.B.A. Carrie has spent much of her adult life in a corporate environment keeping her racing and training as an outlet and socialization activitiy. Carrie never stops moving.  Ever.  As an athlete, she runs everything - literally has no endurance identity.  Tri's, marathons, 1/2's, 10K's, trail, road, obstacle. In her every day life we aren't sure when she sleeps but her vast knowledge of gansta rap lyrics that she works into everyday conversation is only equalled by her obsession with ninjas, her vulnerability to tearing up at Hallmark commercials, shoe shopping (a smoking hot peep toe pump is just as enticing as a rad pair of Brooks Cascadia trail runners) and her incessant use of the word "rad".  She takes on any challenge and adores the idea of going on long trail runs, (longer when she gets lost, which is frequently) taking on obstacle races and other non-traditional races, and getting filthy in the process.  Her kitchen is her sanctuary and she's always cooking clean for friends and family. She firmly campaigns against (but at times for) clock blocking, is staunchly opposed to male endurance runners wearing shorty shorts, and advocates equally for children's charities and men getting "chicked" during races.  An adoring mother to two girls and youth soccer coach keep her busy, but young.  (She's almost 30... shhhh, don't tell anyone we told you that). 
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Meet the Underboss and Tech Maven:
Jimmy Collison
Racing stairs
Jim Collison aka Jimmy the Iceman (not because he's cool, but because he once ran 16 miles on what could easily be equated to an ice skating rink)
Jim, a four-time marathoner and self-proclaimed geek (not nerd, apparently, there is a difference.  A geek would know that.)  Jim is constantly on-the-go growing his geek empire.  Jim is the voice behind The Average Guy Blog and Podcast Network.  He hosts the weekly Home Tech, Fitness Tech and Financial Tech Podcast at
He has been a Windows Home Server enthusiast since 2007 and was named a Microsoft MVP (we don't kow what that means) in April 2011 for his work in the WHS community. He podcasts for the Home Server Show on most Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM Central time.
Jim also has a personal blog that he uses to track his running and other fun stuff.  You can find that at or follow him on Twitter at  Jim enjoys marathons, (until mile 20), chocolate milk, and plans on writing a book entitled "How to Eat Your Way Through the Marathon."  He races about every weekend and is always looking for new races and new challenges that he can eat Burger King after.  Jim is the site administrator and co-founder (with Carrie Adams) of, a site dedicated to athletes everywhere, who feel they were interfered with while trying to complete their goals.  He and his family (Sarah and 5 children) have lived in Nebraska since 1992.
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Meet the First Generation Mud Mafia