"Other things may change us, but we start and end with Family." -Anthony Bran

In October 2010, The Mud Mafia was formed to allow for runners of all skill levels, abilities and goals to come together and train, race, and socialize in Omaha, NE.  The premise of the Family was to create a supportive and fun environment focusing on a mutual love of running and racing. 

Four basic rules were established:
1. Take care of yourself.
2. Take care of your family, The Mud Mafia.
3. Take care of the other runners, we're all sharing the same battlefield.
4. On RACE day, run your race, but run like hell. 

Our first event was The Beer and Bagel Run in Ashland, NE a 4 mile trail run. 

Members paid a one-time $20 fee to cover their T-shirt cost.  T-shirts are important.  Not only do they rock our rad logo, but each member has their nickname on the back of their MM shirt.  Every time a MM member runs a race they report their mileage and earn a bullet hole for their shirt with the event name.  After five events, a pistol with mileage to date is earned.  The shirt becomes a calling card of racing events and a way for runners to track their running events like a cool timeline or racing events. 

There are no dues to be a Mud Mafia member, no required speed or event style, or number of events run each year.  Once you're in the family, you're in the family.  No status to maintain.  Quickly, we established about 20 regular runners in the Midwest and a few in neighboring states.  In a few short months, 40 others had joined us from across the country and in internationally.  Our core 21 runners earned us 528 racing miles in six months and we anticipate racing mileage to explode with the addition of our 40 members.  Our runners span the full spectrum of events: road racing, trail running, ultra's, Ironman Events, cycling, marathons, half marathons, 10K's, 5K's, fun runs, obstacle racing, mud runs (we sure do like getting dirty) and even Death Racing and snow shoeing if it's called for! 

Once we hit 60 members, it was declared that the first 60 were First Generation Mud Mafia. 

Our growth has accounted for a whole new crew of runners - The Mini Mud Mafia was created for younger runners and families who wanted to be a part of our group.  No bullet holes or pistols on these shirts!  We may be badass, but we're also conscientious about how we present ourselves and our team. 

Second Generation seekers looking to join us now, have to know someone in the Family.  We're always looking to grow our ranks with runners who dig racing as much as we do, get after it, and want to have fun.  If you want in, make an introduction, and then make us an offer we can't refuse.